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    DIY Underwater Optical Strobe Trigger for NEX-5N

    Building a custom component to trigger slave strobes for an underwater camera. Arduino, mosfets, reverse engineering, overdriving LEDs, dodgy soldering, and more.

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    Maybe the ability to task switch easily vs. the ability to concentrate deeply is a characteristic like being left handed or right handed. And maybe this characteristic is an element underlying neurotypes like introversion and Asperger Syndrome.

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    Custom-built wooden yurts as collapsible camping structures.

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    So, subjecting myself to dependence and withdrawal cycles for the sake of a couple of hours of feeling-productive-but-not-really, which is not sustainable anyway due to habituation, seemed like something it was clearly a good idea to avoid from then on.

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    How to Improve

    It’s usually easier to do (emulate) something than to not do (avoid) something.

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