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I’m into in personal development, art/creativity, photography, and nutrition/longevity. On any given topic I am either the most credible person in the room or the least. I once started on a philosophy Ph.D. and maybe I’ll go back and finish it one day.

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  • Instagram where I post photos from time to time.

  • Pinboard, where I save links that may be of interest (RIP del.icio.us)

  • Facebook:

    • I have a personal account which I occasionally use to read and post comments (you can friend this one if you know me IRL)

    • In addition I have a page for syndicating content to, because FB is of course a walled garden and they turned off syndication to personal accounts.

  • I do also have a Twitter but as gardens go, that one has gone a bit to seed.


Common sense disclaimer: The opinions expressed on this site have nothing to do with any person or organization who might happen to be my employer.

I’m a technical program manager with a software engineering background. If you are primarily here because of my day job, this way to my LinkedIn.

I like working on software because in a sense, software is nothing but materialized thought. So what you can build is only limited by how clearly and consistently you can imagine it. Code is the closest thing to magic spells that we have. So I am confused by the statistics that say kids aren’t interested in computer science these days. Who doesn’t want to be a professional wizard?

Name FAQs

  1. Rhymes with “pasta.” The first ‘a’ sounds like the audio you can hear at the bottom left corner of this IPA vowel chart (open, front, unrounded). If you use near-open (like “faster” instead of “pasta”), that’s OK too, and my own pronunciation seems to vary along this continuum. I am less of a fan when the vowel gets too far to the back and sounds like “roster.”

  2. A lot of people ask me what “Ratha” means. I sort of dread the question because there isn’t a simple answer, so sometimes I make things up. What they usually seem to want to know is not what it means, but how I came to have a non-standard name. The answer is that I adopted it when I was twenty (my parents are not to blame). Why? That deserves a blog post, let me know if you want me to write it.

About the site

A bespoke static site generator in Node.js and hosted on Netlify, with content authored in Asciidoc and maintained in GitLab. Some minimal interactivity is supported via Svelte components and I plan to implement search with a lambda function.

Sorry if you were using the sub-feeds (art, kaizen, and meta). When I refreshed the site in Aug 2020 I redirected them all to the main feed. I realized that the way I was separating these topics was not going to be sustainable and I needed to move to a tag system (which is on the to-do list). So in the future it might again be possible to subscribe to individual topics, but it’s not a priority until some customers tell me they care about this :)