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Portrait by Fedora el Morro, 2015

Some details about the instrument through which this site is creating itself.


I’m based in Seattle, and have lived in seven US states. I’m single, and at this point in my life I recognize it as a fabulous luxury. I have eight amazing nieces and nephews. I’ve dabbled in a number of hobbies including scuba diving with travel and underwater photography, rangering at art festivals, and various crafty projects.

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I’ve worked in software development for twenty years, the first thirteen as a software developer, and the rest as a technical program manager. I like working on software because in a way, software is nothing but materialized thought. So what you can build is only limited by how clearly and consistently you can imagine it. Code is the closest thing to magic spells that we have. So I am confused by the statistics that say kids aren’t interested in computer science these days. Who doesn’t want to be a professional magician? Anyway, here’s my résumé.

Name FAQs

  1. It’s pronounced “RAH-thuh” and the first ‘a’ sounds like the audio you can hear at the bottom left corner of this IPA vowel chart (open, front, unrounded). Sometimes it can slide toward near-open (“cat” sound), and that’s still in the realm of correct as far as my preferences are concerned.

  2. “Ratha” isn’t my birth name. I adopted it when I was twenty, and my original first name, “Christina,” became my middle name. I plan to write a post about it as I think there are some interesting themes around this.