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Site Relaunch


After close to a year of being down, I’m relaunching my site on a static site generator. The rebuild took longer than expected. I started out with Hugo, then tried to pivot to Metalsmith, and finally realized that to be satisfied I would have to write my own kit. Then on top of that, I had a bit of an intense year at work. (Oh, excuses.)

For the relaunch I was planning to narrow down to one theme, but in the end I couldn’t do it. So I have three tracks: one for art, photography, and DIY projects (techne from the Greek for “craft”); one for diet and health (soma, from the Greek for “body”); and one for philosophy, psychology, productivity, and so on (nous, from the Greek for “mind”). There are separate sub-feeds if you want to subscribe to only one or two of these.

The site still needs some features like search and pagination, and I haven’t finished updating all of the original content, but I didn’t want to block on all that. Improvements forthcoming.

The reason I took the site down last year was because I felt my initial spurt of writing from 2012-2013 hadn’t aged well, and didn’t want to spend energy on revising the material while I was trying to focus on the software, and if I’m honest, basically I was shy. But I’ve determined that this material is something I have to write, whether anyone (including me) turns out to like it or not.

So I’m kicking off the relaunch with a rewrite of my post on monotropism. It’s speculative, subjective, unsupported by evidence or expert opinion, way too personal, way too long, and unlikely to reach anyone who might agree with it or find it a useful perspective. In short, it’s a perfect start.